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Return to Rio Sereno

The God's Eyes team returned to Rio Sereno again this week to minister to our friends along the Panama / Costa Rica border. We were especially blessed at this clinic to have a YWAM (Youth With A Mission) team from Mexico and the US via YWAM Chiriqui serving with us. These young people were amazing - they worked tirelessly, always with a smile! We touched over 220 lives, sharing the love of Christ and 76 Bibles during this two day clinic. We had yet another 'loaves and fishes' event as, due to shipping problems, we were out of one of the most popular lenses. We substituted where we could, but continued in faith to prescribe the zero stock lenses when they were the bet fit. As has happened in the past, another bag of those lenses was found just as we ran completely out! Our God is amazing! Many thanks to our hosts Pastores Juan and Maria at the Iglesia Asambleas de Dios. We continue to have more beautiful souls than we can see at our clinics, so we plan to return to Rio Sereno soon.

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