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Lives Touched in Potrerillos Arriba

It just keeps getting better and better...through the power of the Holy Spirit and the amazing faithfulness of over 35 people from at least 7 different churches 236 dear souls were touched in the last two days!

We had one person that came up from David for glasses and ended up jumping in and working with us at the clinic! There were also folks from the community that came not for glasses but because they heard that they would be prayed for and that people were being healed.

There were at least six souls saved and many relationships with Father renewed as lives were touched by the love of Christ through prayer and ministry.

Many thanks to every one of you that worked so tirelessly to serve our neighbors across the canyon, especially our new friends from The Sanctuary Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, La Viña Church and the community of Potrerillos Arriba.

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