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A Great Time of Ministry on Pig Mountain

We got started a little later than normal on our first day of clinics at the Cerro Puerco (Pig Mountain) School in the Comarca Ngobe Bugle, but the team set to work and by the end of the two days in this Ngobe community we were blessed to have touched almost two hundred lives. Our brother in Christ Tito and several of the teachers and others assisted with translation, sometimes from English to Spanish to Ngobe. Through the power of the Holy Spirit and faithfulness of our prayer and ministry team over thirty precious souls gave their lives to Christ, and several dozen bibles were given to the dear people of the community. All glory to King Jesus!

This community is not served with electricity, and we found that 61% fewer than normal people needed correction for distance vision. There was, however, a higher percentage of eye damage caused by excessive UV exposure. All in all, we distributed 260 pairs of prescription, reading and sun glasses. We met one young lady whose eye problems could not be corrected locally so we will be making arrangements in David for her to see a specialist for treatment.

It was such a blessing to serve these dear people, and, as often happens, we were unable to see everyone in the time we had there so we plan to return to the Cerro Pureco School soon.

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