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Amazing First Outreaches in Medellin, Colombia

The primary way that the Lord leads us to new areas for ministry is through requests from contacts we make as we serve. Another way that we expand is when our team members relocate and have a desire to share God's Eyes with their new communities. That is exactly what happened in Medellin. We were sad when two of our faithful team couples moved from Panama to Medellin, Colombia to begin a new English-speaking church, but the Lord used them to help open the doors for relationships and partnerships with some incredible brothers and sisters at the Iglesia Comunidad Cristiana de Adoración and the Iglesia Cristiana de Restauración, both in Medellin.

God always has a plan!

I am truly at a loss for words when I attempt to describe what happened both in the community and in our lives of every person that served in the outreaches in the last week.

"Who can adequately describe what God did?"

...God's Eyes team member Ron.

When we first met with the church leaders at the Iglesia Comunidad Cristiana de Adoración back in September of last year to discuss the possibility of an outreach none of us knew what to expect. We certainly had no idea that our Father had plans to build such a strong family bond between us over the course of a few short days, but that is exactly what He did!

"It's not like we are from different places and different cultures - we are one family serving God together!"

...CCA leadership member Luis

What a beautiful thing - with the help of dozens of dedicated church members 667 lives were touched with the love of God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the gift of sight (over 700 pairs of glasses) over five days of clinics in four different locations around Medellin. Hundreds of Bibles and Gospels of John were given away...AND...the churches we served alongside are planning to follow up with every single attendee!

“There is no other way we could have ever gotten 100 people we don’t even know to come to our church for an event...”

...Missionary Andrew - Pastor, Iglesia Cristiana de Restauración

A dear man that made the life-changing decision to follow Jesus was baptized on the spot...a first for a God's Eyes clinic!

We look forward with great anticipation to see what our Father has planned in the future for God's Eyes in Colombia!

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