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Enlarging Our Borders - Cerro Caña

This was the most logistically challenging series of clinics we've ever undertaken. Cerro Caña is located in the mountains of the Comarca Ngöbe Buglé, about a 90 minute drive north of Tolé, which is an hour and a half east of David. Cerro Caña is not that far from Tolé, but the roads vary from good to river bed, and everything in between! 4WD was not optional.

Team Cerro Caña spent three nights in a Catholic mission in San Felix and three days on top of a mountain without electricity. They enjoyed cold showers and four hours of commuting in and out each day, three of which were on those steep, twisting, turning, bouncing 4WD 'roads'.

Was it worth it? YES! Many made the life-changing decision to follow Christ, and every person that experienced Team Ojos (the eye team) was personally touched by God's love. People who were unable to read their Bibles are able to study the word again. Many sun-damaged eyes now have the protection that will help to slow the progression of their conditions, giving them more years of usable sight.

And...God performed a regenerative miracle that that gave a 13 year old boy the ability to walk for the first time in his life! The young man walked around his yard - tears streaming down his face - his family and neighbors astounded. After that, everyone present asked for prayer! God is so good - His power and grace were poured out on that tiny community.

Yes, for hundreds of dear souls, it was worth every moment, all glory to God!

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