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Serving our Neighbors Close to Home

We had a wonderful opportunity to serve our neighbors close to home this week! After our last two 'away' clinics in Medellin and the Comarca Ngobe Buglé, it was refreshing to drive only ten minutes to the clinic site in Palmira, a coffee plantation community in the western Panama highlands very near our homes. This clinic was a little bit of a different experience for us, as we didn't begin until 2:00pm in the afternoon, working until it was too dark to continue. You'll see in the photo gallery some photos of our team working by flashlight to finish up. We started in the afternoons and worked later than usual to accommodate the seasonal coffee harvest workers in the area.

God gave us an amazing efficiency, allowing us to minister to almost 300 souls in only nine hours over two afternoons! As always, every guest had the opportunity to hear the Gospel and spend time with a ministry team member in prayer. The lives of every attendee were touched by the love of God, many made the eternal decision to follow Christ, and over 250 received the gift of sight, receiving custom Rx glasses, readers and / or sunglasses - all at no cost.

Praise God for His goodness to us - it is an amazing honor and privilege to serve the Kingdom in such a rewarding way!

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