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Brisas Muy Fuertes! (Very Strong Breezes!)

Our team battled flying tables and chairs, blowing sand and paperwork lost forever due to high winds as we served outside with our great friends from Iglesia LaViña for two days this week in Potrerillos Abajo. Serving with the wonderful folks from LaViña is always a joy!

One challenge for us is to have enough faithful evangelists and prayer warriors to effectively minister to every person that attends our outreaches. We were doubly blessed to have partners from both LaViña and a team visiting LaViña from the US serving alongside our faithful ministry team for this outreach. They even brought a professional face painter for the kids - how fun!

The cancha (covered basketball/soccer court) where the clinics were held is a very nice facility with a wonderful play surface that was much easier on the feet than bare concrete. As happens most times, God blessed us with an overwhelming response which required us to schedule a followup visit in a few weeks so as to not disappoint the hundreds of dear souls we couldn't see. God sent folks from dozens of communities, some many miles away, to hear the Gospel, receive prayer, feel His love and receive much needed eyeglasses to allow them to see clearly, possibly for the first time in their lives.

God is so very good to us! We had the amazing honor of serving over 270 beautiful people over the last two days. Many came to understand and accept God's free gift of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, while others were set free from illnesses and deeply hurting hearts. All felt the love of God!

How can one even describe the joy and deep satisfaction of serving in this way? We are blessed beyond measure.

Thank You, Father!

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