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Building the Kingdom in Tinajas

 It was the first significant rainfall in months here in the highlands of western Panama.  We were finishing up the first of two days of working alongside our friends from the Iglesia del Nazareno de Los Tinajas, sharing God's love and the gift of sight with this sweet community in the country north of David, the second largest city in Panama.  The rain started slowly, then built in a huge crescendo of water and sound on the church's metal roof.  Everyone stopped what they were doing and began to clap and praise God for his provision!

The rain wasn't the only blessing from our Father, though!  Over two days our team of two dozen awesome volunteers from five area churches had the privilege of serving and sharing with over 300 dear souls from Tinajas and surrounding communities, giving them the Good News of the Gospel as well as the glasses that will allow them to see their world clearly, some for the first time in decades!  What a joy to see someone's face light up when they see the leaves on a tree clearly for the first time, or when they find that they can read again.  Even more so when someone finds eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ as the Holy Spirit works through our ministry team.  These are the joys we experience over and over again as we are blessed beyond measure to serve the Kingdom of God and our precious neighbors in this way.  Praise God for His goodness to us!

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