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A Fruitful Day in Cerro Banco

For most of our team, the day began around 5:00am as we rolled out of bed and loaded our vehicles for a 6:40am departure meet-up. After filling every seat of five 4WD vehicles with our team of 27 dedicated volunteers we made the two hour trek to Cerro Banco, fording an active river and several rocky dry river beds along the way. When we arrived we were pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful school facility with solar power in this remote Comarca village. The staff of the school was very kind to us and gave us their very best classrooms for our work, and after a quick set-up we began to see what would end up being over 130 dear people from the surrounding area. We were blessed with an amazing ministry team made of up God's Eyes prayer warriors, Pastor Hernandez and his wife from Soloy, and two new friends for a total of six experienced and dedicated evangelists sharing with our neighbors there. Many heard of Jesus for the very first time, and dozens accepted His free gift of salvation, all Glory to God! It was a long, but incredibly effective day of ministry, and we praise our Father for His goodness to us!

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