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A Beautiful Day in Volcancito

Our team of about 20 from several different area churches was up early, meeting for set-up at 7:30am at the Volcancito school on a breezy mountainside outside Boquete. Although we never felt rushed, God blessed us with over 160 dear souls to touch from both the school and the community. The weather was perfect, with a temperature around 70 and a gentle breeze to keep us cool. God especially blessed our ministry team, with a number of professions of faith in Jesus Christ and many more seeds planted.

As usual for elementary school kids here in Panama, less than 10% needed any sort of vision correction. For the adults from the school and community, many needed correction for both near and far vision. There were several that laughed out loud when they saw clearly for the first time in decades. How fun is that?! One lady asked if her rather strong new glasses to correct nearsightedness could be used for driving. Since we drive on the same roads we were thinking, "Yes, please!"

We also provided many much needed sunglasses for the farm workers that spend their days working the hillsides in the strong Panamanian sun.

This outreach was especially meaningful to some of our team as they live in within walking distance of the school, not only serving their neighbors in the Biblical sense, but from their actual neighborhood.

Once again, we are humbled by God's grace, that He is willing to use even us in His service.

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