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A Successful Follow-up Visit to Potrerillos Abajo

God blessed us with such a large response on our first visit to Potrerillos Abajo back in March that we needed more time to minister to those we couldn't see. This time around we had two more great days, sharing the love of God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the gift of sight with over 250 dear souls, all glory to God! The ministry team, comprised of gifted evangelists from Iglesia LaViña and other area churches, was blessed by the Holy Spirit with great success as many from the community made the life-changing decision to follow Christ. One gentleman was even healed of a painful condition that made it difficult for him to walk!

We had some new friends join us, "just to observe", but within a few minutes they had jumped right in and joined the team in service to our Lord and our neighbors - what an encouragement!

Many thanks to our friends from Iglesia LaViña and Potrerillos as well as all our amazing God's Eyes team members.

Most of all, thanks and all glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...we are blessed beyond measure.

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