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An Amazing Week in the Andes

What an amazing week in the Andes mountains of southern Ecuador! The God's Eyes team, made up of volunteers from five countries - Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and the U.S. - including Bryan Kaiser, the founder of God's Eyes International - was blessed to work alongside a medical team from Beltway Park Church in Abilene, Texas for five intense days of service and ministry in the pueblos of Catacocha and Coamine in the Loja province.

It is always a privilege to serve the beautiful Ecuadorian people! They are welcoming, kind, and grateful - quick with a hello, a smile and plenty of hugs. God did a beautiful work here as we shared His love, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the gift of sight with almost 600 dear souls over five days of clinics. We were working with a small evangelical church startup who had experienced strong push-back from both the local government and other nearby churches. All glory to God, by the end of our week of service the startup church leaders had been called to meet with both the mayor and other church leaders who were amazed at how the community had been served by this tiny startup church in the name of Jesus - a real breakthrough! They said that there had never seen anything like this in Catacocha and that our teams were welcome any time. Not only that, a local couple committed to donate land for the new church! The power of God's love, made manifest through the service of His people, is bringing about real change in this community!

Souls were saved and broken bodies, homes and hearts were healed by the power of the Holy Spirit. A dear soul blinded by advanced cataracts opened their eyes to see clearly again as the power of God healed them. A man bedridden for months stood on his front porch, showing his neighbors that his legs would once again support him and bend normally. All glory to God...what a week!

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