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Shaking it up in Puerto Armuelles

Things were really shaking this week in Puerto Armuelles! We served there for two days in the midst of a 'quake storm' of dozens of earthquakes up to a powerful 6.2 that shook us all out of bed the first night. The ground wasn't the only thing shaking, though! Over two days the 14 members of Team 'Terremoto' (earthquake) had the joy of touching the lives of over 200 dear souls gathered from a dozen churches in this once thriving coastal community that now suffers from extremely high unemployment. The people were so kind, feeding us lunch and giving us gifts of plantains, mamon-chinos and panelas.

It seems that every time we are blessed to serve our dear neighbors we grow closer to our Lord and are conformed to His image just a little bit more. The love He pours through us as we serve is amazing, and we never leave the same as when we arrived. All glory to God - it is His love, His grace and His strength that moves us forward, not anything of ourselves. As always, we are humbled that He has chosen us to serve in this way. Thank You, Father, for your goodness to us!

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