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Over 250 Lives Touched in Caldera

What a sweet community and beautiful setting for a church in Caldera! The facility is a basketball court sized building with an amazing view of the mountains as you look past the front platform. When we arrived a little before 7:00am to set up, men that were already there waiting were quick to pitch in as we unloaded equipment, tables and supplies.

After the normal slow first hour of getting the clinic flow optimized we enjoyed two days of great weather, beautiful people and wonderful times of sharing both the love of God and the gift of sight with over 250 dear souls. At our opening prayer the second morning, the Pastor talked about the similar nature of gaining physical sight and the opening of our spiritual eyes as we come to know Jesus. All glory to God, many experienced both in the last two days! A number of folks from the community also said that they would come to the church service on Sunday. This is exactly what our Father has called us to do here - to share His love, the Gospel, and to grow the kingdom by helping to grow local community churches.

The church folks were so kind to us, providing us with delicious meals for breakfast and lunch and working tirelessly in prayer and ministry both days. We are so grateful for the God's Eyes Team members here in Panama, the churches that partner with us to hold outreach events and to founder Bryan Kaiser of God's Eyes International for making all of this possible. We are grateful most of all to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for giving His life as atonement for our sins and making it possible for us to be part of His kingdom.

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