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Two Country Outreach on the Costa Rican Border

I'm sure most of the team hit 'snooze' at least once when the alarms went off at 5:00am as we prepared to drive the last hour through the mountains up to the Panama/Costa Rica border town of Rio Sereno. Rio Sereno is one of those sleepy border towns where you can wander back and forth between two countries, not knowing where you are except for the license plates on the cars. When we arrived at the church we were greeted by several dozen folks already lined up and patiently waiting. In this culture, it's normal to speak to people you meet on the street, in restaurants, or waiting for a clinic. When I said, 'Buenas Dias!', I was greeted with a resounding unison 'BUENAS DIAS!' from all our new friends that were waiting there. It just makes you feel good. Our God is amazing!

There were many stories of lives changed and eternal destinies secured through the power of the Holy Spirit as volunteers from the church and our team shared the Gospel and prayed with over 250 dear souls from Panama and Costa Rica as their new glasses were being prepared for them. Along with the God's Eyes team and ministry volunteers from the church we were blessed by an amazing group of ladies that worked in the kitchen all day to make sure no one was hungry, and several World Race(rs) that helped with translation. And...a huge thanks to team member Danielle for the wonderful pictures. Many parts of the Body, all working together for the Kingdom of God!

Take a moment and click on the first picture then scroll through all the larger images of smiling faces. I am filled with an amazing gratitude and overwhelming joy that our Father allows us to share His amazing love with these dear people in this way.

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