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Just When You Think You have it Figured Out

It's funny how our Father works. Ok, not how He works, but how we sometimes think that we with our tiny minds have what He's doing all figured out.

Because of folks out of town and other scheduling conflicts we had a smaller than usual team lined up for our outreach in Bocalatun, a small village less than an hour southwest of Boquete. 'I'm not worried about the team size,' I thought to myself...'it just means that we are going to have a light turnout and Father doesn't want to waste resources.' I had it all figured I thought...

His ways are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts.

When we arrived at the community cancha (covered basketball/soccer court) in Bocalatun the first morning only a few dozen folks were there waiting, so, again, I thought I had it all figured out - easy days with a small turnout. We ended up with a pretty much 'normal' day, ministering, laughing and sharing with around 120 people. We even had the pleasure of meeting the local Representate (government representative) for the area. He said he was learning English and blessed us by sharing (in English!) his gratitude and that we were welcome in Bocalatun any time. God blessed us mightily with many seeds planted and a significant number of life-changing decisions made.

The second morning, however, was different! When we arrived we were greeted by over 100 people waiting and more pouring in, and by the end of the day we had touched over 150 lives! This was a new one-day single-examiner record for us, all glory to God! The God's Eyes team, along with evangelists from local churches and all our new friends from around Bocalatun were blessed beyond measure during this busy, busy day. There were so many smiles, and so much love, joy and laughter!

All in all, over 275 lives were touched in two days of outreach with a smaller than usual team! Our God is so much bigger than we can even fathom. Truly, His ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts, and that's actually a good thing. All glory to Him!

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