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Our Clothes Are Wet but Our Spirits are not Dampened!

October is the pinnacle of the rainy season here in Panama, with rain storms that can dump inches in very little time. This week we were blessed to serve a sweet church in Boqueron, just off the Pan-American Highway less than an hour from our homes. The church had worked very hard to compete a downstairs space for us to use, so we had check-in and ministry upstairs and all the other stages downstairs in the beautiful new space. Over the course of our two days of ministry, several of our intrepid team members moved over 180 people back and forth between the upper and lower spaces four times each, always smiling, rain or shine, for a total of around eight hundred (!) trips up and down the hill. God is so good! There was so much joy and laughter as people were moving back and forth, dodging the biggest raindrops and the deepest puddles as they made their way up the hill and around the church. At times it was raining so hard that we had to yell to hear each other. Through it all, many made the life-changing decision to follow Christ. The church blessed us so much, with hot Hojaldras and sausages for breakfast, hearty lunches of lentils, rice and beef and a beautiful time of prayer and blessing as we finished our time with them. Our Father fills us with such joy as we serve our dear neighbors in the name of Jesus - we are blessed beyond measure!

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