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Even Without Electricity There is Power

We enjoyed two more great days of ministry this week, just off the PanAmerican Highway about 20km from the Costa Rican border in Santa Marta.  This was a first for our team - the church was air conditioned!  Not to worry, though, the power went off during a rain storm the second afternoon so we were back to open windows, humidity and using our phones as flashlights.

This is the same church were several of our team members volunteered with VOSH (Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity) clinics early in 2019.  The VOSH clinics were huge, seeing about 500 people per day.  VOSH is an amazing organization, but secular with no element of Christian ministry other than the fact that a number of their team members are Christians.  We felt convicted so many had come to a church for the eye clinic but not heard the Gospel, so we asked the church leaders if they might consider hosting a smaller outreach where every attendee would hear the Good News and receive personal prayer and ministry.

I wish everyone could experience the power of God that is poured out when we are obedient in His service.  Plenty of electricity needed!  One of our gifted evangelists said that so many people made decisions for Christ that they had lost count.  Another was able to minister powerfully to young ladies that had suffered different forms of abuse because of experiences in her life. There were a million hugs. Tears of repentance were turned to tears of joy as forgiveness and peace flowed through the power of the Holy Spirit.  I find it hard to type through my own tears just sharing the amazing power and beauty of God's love with these words.

I can't say it enough.  We are all blessed beyond all measure to have been chosen by God to serve in this way.

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