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A Great Finale to our 2019 Season

When we arrived at the site in the port city of Pedregal for our pre-outreach visit I was surprised at the size of the facility. It was a warehouse / meeting hall with some boats and heavy equipment stored inside, with much more room than we'd ever had for any previous outreach. That should have been our first clue that God was up to something big.

The facility was perfect, and the local government representative provided us with chairs and personnel to assist with crowd control and setup. Speaking of the government...we try to keep a low profile, but our Father is giving us so much favor! Several local, provincial, and even one national official came by to thank us for our service to the community and offer their assistance should we ever need their help. We even made the national TV news. So much for low profile...

This was our last outreach for 2019, and God blessed us in an amazing way. Dr. Bryan Kaiser, the founder of God's Eyes International was with us this week, and Dr. Ron Wallie has returned from the U.S. as well. We had our two biggest days ever, touching over 425 lives! The second day, folks started lining up at 1:00am. Every attendee was touched by the love of God, with many dozens making the eternal decision to follow Christ. There were healings, both spiritual and physical, through the power of the Holy Spirit! Hundreds of New Testaments were given by Missionary Assist Panama. And...the gift of sight was given to hundreds, with almost 800 pairs of Rx, reading and sun glasses distributed at no charge.

We thank You, Father, for Your kindness and provision in allowing us to serve You in this way, and we look forward to what You have planned for us in 2020! Amen.

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