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Slow Start - Big Finish!

Many times we arrive to a large crowd of dear souls patiently waiting for us at the clinic site. This time, though, almost all of the chairs we empty. Hmmm...that's odd...we've ministered here at Iglesia LaViña before, but the last time was a year ago. So...we wait and see what our Father has in store for us. Sometimes, He gives us a slow day when He knows we need a bit of a break. As the morning gave way to afternoon, we were never super busy, but a steady stream of dear neighbors made their way to us. By the end of the day we had the honor of serving over 100, sharing God's love and the gift of sight.

By the second day, the word had gotten out and we had a crowd waiting when we arrived. We stayed quite busy throughout the day, easily passing the 200 mark by mid afternoon. This is the time of year that a group from Texas comes to visit LaViña and serve, so there was a festive atmosphere with face-painting and balloons for the kids, along with several talented evangelists. As always, the Holy Spirit was as work, drawing dear souls to Christ and healing broken hearts and sick bodies. All that, plus many of the community now enjoys restored physical sight with the over 500 pairs of Rx, reading and sun glasses that were shared.

Even though we got off to a slow start, God is always faithful. We finished our two days of ministry having touched over 300 lives! Thank you, Lord, for your goodness to us!

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